is the website of Joe "Shiggy" Sciglitano, Earth-based illustrator and designer. If you'd like to read a little about Joe, take a look at the Bio page.

Over at the Client List page are a bunch of publishers, studios, businesses and individuals who have been so kind as to give Joe some work. If you'd like to see your name on that page, let's talk turkey! (I'm told that's business parlance for "let's talk business".)

The Process page gets updated every-so-often with the latest step-by-step guide to how Joe creates his work. Revisit it from time to time, why don'tcha?

The Internet is full of these things called "hyperlinks". You may have heard of them. Over at the Resources page are a whole host of these so-called "links" that upon clicking will transport you to new and wonderful worlds! was created by Joe in Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. The graphics were created using Adobe Photoshop CS3.

A great deal of coding and general website hand-holding was done by Carl Joseph, who is awesome at that sort of thing. He also plays a mean saxophone.

The gallery system on this site uses a clone of Lightbox called Slimbox. It works great and it's free.

If you wanna get in touch, give some feedback, or maybe just share some love, you can contact Joe over at the Contact page, although you probably figured that one out already. You're so smart!