A Short Biography
By an unnamed scholar and gentleman.

Joe "Shiggy" Sciglitano was raised on coarse grain, mixed lollies, and various cuts of venison in the suburbs of Melbourne, down in the bottom-right hand corner of Australia, just north of Van Diemen's Land (which now bears the gentrified name of "Tasmania", which isn't nearly as badass as "Van Diemen's Land").

He worked in TV and film for a little while, but a few years ago started working as a freelance illustrator, doing children's books and stuff. He's recently added graphic design to the list of awesome things he does.

Joe currently resides with his old lady and a dog named ValJean in leafy North Coburg, Victoria.

Tools of the Trade

Joe uses the wonderful Adobe Creative Suite to create the vast majority of his work. His expertise in Photoshop in particular is exceptional (over 9 years of experience with the software), and he has comprehensive knowlege of Dreamweaver, InDesign and Illustrator.

Joe uses a Wacom Intuous 3 drawing tablet and a flippin' sweet 24" Apple iMac.

Joe has also been known to use some Faber Castells and paper from time to time.