Link o' the Week & a Work in Progress


Got bored doing the things I was supposed to be doing and started doing something just for fun. Here’s the start of it:


It’s continuation may be delayed as I’m flying to Melbourne in a couple of days and I have a lot to do before then.

In website news (, I’ve added a “Link o’ the Week” feature to the home page, right under the “Image o’ the Week” feature. This week’s featured link is the blog of Kim Fleming, talented Aussie illustrator.

I first encountered Kim’s work whilst working on “Grouchy Granny” for Funtastic Publishing. The editor sent me a sample of a previous book they’d published called “Boss of the Farm”, which was illustrated by Kim. She works wonders with watercolours and if you take a look at her blog, you’ll see she’s constantly challenging herself with new techniques.

“Grouchy Granny” can be found at the National Library of Australia here, as can “Boss of the Farm” here.